The Australian Diet

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Published: 21st January 2009
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The Australian diet may help you feel full of energy and eliminates fat in the strategic points, according to Peter Clifton and Manny Noakes at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

The perfect nutritional combination in order to obtain and maintain a healthy weight includes thirty-three percent proteins, thirty-six percent carbohydrates, twenty-six percent fats, most of them saturated, and small amounts of alcohol.

The Australian diet allows you to set your own daily menu as long as you pay attention to the following CSIRO indications:

Proteins should be consumed in three units of three ounces, one unit for lunch and two for dinner. Two units of two ounces of whole-grain bread per day that may be replaced by a five ounces potato, one ounce of rice or vegetables, or two ounces of pasta.

Dieters should consume one unit of cereals per day such as two ounces of muesli, one toast, or other whole-grains. If you want to follow the Australian diet should consume two units of dairy products, but you may have three units if you consume only two units of proteins per day.

Dieters are allowed to have two units of fruits per day, five ounces of fruits, or one glass of unsweetened juice per day. They should also consume at least 2,5 units of vegetables of five ounces each, and three units of spices per day. The Australian diet provides about 1350 calories per day.

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